In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between there are DOORS.

William Blake

In between the landmark Nizami street and Baku’s so famously infamous Winter Park locate streets of Bashir Safaroghlu, Molla Vali Vidadi, Dilara Aliyeva, Alovsat Guliyev. The north of those streets has recently been destroyed violently. Whereas, the south has been preserved victoriously, but the more than century old ‘exterior mask’ of the buildings, was stripped off shamefully.

Those streets stand still and intact not just with their architectural structure, but also with beautifully decorated doors. Those doors also allow you an imaginary, perhaps stereotypical, look at owners as well as an idea about interior arrangement of buildings. Perhaps those streets will tell you about this country and people much more than you can get in the downtown Nizami street.

This Google Map will give you a direction whereabouts of the area