Baki Ailevi Restorani

Baki Alievi Restorani
A short walk from Central Train station there is ‘Baki. Ailevi Restorani’ beautifully decorated in red with dim light under gothic vaulted ceiling. This can be your first stop to chill out long overnight train trip, if you are travelling from Tbilisi (Georgia,). Vide range of local cuisine is served and you can even taste ‘camel qutab’ just for 0.40AZN/piece. It is one of cheapest restaurants where Business lunch (12:00-16:00 hours) is served from only 3 AZN. They have business launch different to each day of a week. Business lunch menu includes salad, soup, hot dish and drink and size of meals are proportional to the price, too. Although waiter does not speak English, their menu is in three languages (Aze, Rus and Eng) including the price and size of meals.

Mains from 2azn, Kebabs from 3azn. 28 May str., 40. +994517601210. No website. Open 24hr

Coffee Moffie


There are a lot of fancy shmancy coffee shops around the downtown. But Coffee Moffie is an independent local coffee shop near the Fountains Square. It is place where you can feel yourself at home or freelance for hours while working on your projects. Their barista is among the top 10 baristas in the town. So you will also taste real coffee brewed by one of the best baristas of Baku. Surprisingly, Coffee Moffie is also a burger joint. Burgers might not be included in budget travellers’ diet, however, you will be served top yummy burgers for a budget price. If you want to taste something with local flavours, try tandir burger for 6azn.

Espresso 1.9azn, Burgers from 4.7azn. Islam Safarli str., 9 . +994517601210. Open 11am-11pm.

Restaurant Stella

People of low opinion about places outside of the city centre, forget the small cosy place called “Restaurant Stella”. Close to the Ganjlik Metro station, the restaurant offers delicious mixture of Russian, Georgian and local cuisines. It is just a metro station away from 28 May metro, so the distance should not be a barrier to say that “let’s go to Stella and have ‘borsh’. They also offer business lunch without time restriction, which includes soup, salad, hot dish and ayran (local non-alcoholic drink) just for 4azn. Waitress does not speak English but Azerbaijani and Russian. You may also find it awkward and difficult to deal with receiving the bill orally when you ask for. However, overall quality of service is quite good.

Mains from 3.5azn. Kebabs 4-5azn. Hasan Aliyev str., 90. +994503757575. No website. Open 24hr

Bazaar Delights Cafe


Do not get bitterly disappointed to see expensive prices of the cafes in downtown. There are few of them offering decent service for decent prices which is below the average of the prices in the city centre. Bazaar Delights Cafe is one those located centrally, 5-minute walk from the Fountain square. It is a small places but the interior of the café is extremely sensitive with extra-brightness and everything painted in white. The menu classifies the cafe as modern Azerbaijani bistro. As they are open early morning, you can have a breakfast for 4.50azn. Moreover, you should also taste the local cuisine such as soups erishta of dushpere , or dolma, or vegetarian kuku.

Mains from 3-6azn. Sandwiches from 3azn. Tərlan Əliyarbəyov küçəsi 18A. +994777000800. Open 08am-23pm

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