Recent changes in Banking system abolished all currency exchange stores in 2016. Since then you can exchange currencies only in Bank offices. Thus, travellers with foreign currency who happened to be in Azerbaijan during any weekend could not exchange to Azerbaijani Manat. This puts them into a difficult situation. However there are couple of bank offices that run around the clock 7 days a week. Here they are.

“Ofis24”, Bank Respublika
Address: 67 Neftçilər avenue (Click over the link for direction )
Tel: +994124922845, +994124926580

“Mərkəz” branch, Dəmirbank
Address: 111 Nizami street (Click over the link for direction)

“Gənclik 1” branch, Bank BTB
Address: Ağa Neymətulla street, house 38, apt 10 (Click over the link for direction)

P.S. The street sign may not accord with official street numbers here, therefore, please stick to google maps attached.