Day Trip to Gobustan & Shirvan National Parks



The Gobustan Museum of Petroglyphsis locates towards the south-east of the Great Caucasus mountain range. The museum exhibits rarest prehistoric rock drawings, petroglyphs, on the mountain ridge. It significantly allows you to get acquainted with life-style and activities of people from late Ice Age (20.000-5.000 BC) through representation of stone carvings. Fruther the south, there locates Shirvan National Park which serves for the conservation of foremost components of a semi-desert landscape, the protection of goitred gazelles, flamingos and other species of fauna that are typical to this territory. Additional to environmental monitoring, fostering environmental education, the park allow activities of ecotourism and recreation to observes rare species of fauna (hedgehog, bat, wild boar, wolf, jackal, fox, weasel, marbled polecat, badger, reed cat, caspian seal, lizard, snake, turtle etc.) and flaura and engage in birdwathcing.  


Gobustan Museum of Petroglyphsis and Shirvan National Park and Bendovan Mud volcano are the attractions to visit.


Overall duration of the tour is about 11 hours.



  • Hotel Pick up and drop off
  • Transport service with AC
  • Sightseeing program with a local guide
  • Local guide
  • Packed food for lunch
  • Entrance tickets to sights as per itinerary



  • 1 person: 260 azn
  • 2 people: 150 azn / per person
  • 3 people: 130 azn / per person
  • 4 people: 110 azn / per person
  • 5 people: 95 azn / per person
  • 6 people: 85 azn / per person


  • Mud Volcanoes are inaccessible in a rainy day.
  • You need to bring necessary equipments such as binoculars, raincoats, waterproof shoes.

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