Ateshgah Temple (trans. Fire Temple) is 17th-19th century temple was built by Hindu and Zoroastrian worshipers and traveller, and was regularly visited place for fire-worshipers in Surakhany. People of hinduism and zoroastrianism would go on a pilgrimage to this place. However, it operates as only museum currently. During late 19th and warly 20th centuries, Surakhany, Sabunchu, Ramana villages were producing industrially huge volume of oil, though it is dormant today. Along the road trip you will observe oil rigs and derricks which are still functional. Yanardag (trans. Fire Mountain) in Mammadali village is the place, where you observe flaming gas that comes from the hill that resembles Ateshgah in 18th century. Natural gas flares continuously from ancient times and is one of best illustration why local people call Azerbaijan as “Land of Fire”. 


Ateshgah Temple, Oil fields of Ramana village, Ramana castle, Yanardag and 15 minutes photoshooting of Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre are the attractions to visit.



Overall duration of the tour is about 4 hours. It also involves 70 km driving in total.



  • Pick up and drop off in the city centre/hotel
  • Transport service
  • Sightseeing program with a local guide
  • Local guide fee
  • Entrance tickets to sights as per itinerary



  • 1 person: 120 azn
  • 2 people: 80 azn/per person
  • 3 people: 70 azn/per person
  • 4 people: 60 azn/per person
  • 5-6 people: 55 azn/per person



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