Baku Alternative Walking Tour



It is true in a way that the publicly acclaimed beauty of Baku is just an idea. Yet there is also a flip side of Baku and it is not necessarily a negative connotation. Therefore in this hiking tour you will discover another kind of Baku. It is sort of an escape from Baku’s picturesquely European urban life to semi-arid and deserted mountainous life of Baku. You will experience opposites of Baku such as hiking up to naturally highest point on mountain ridge in Baku and then down to the Caspian Sea level. Meanwhile you will get acquainted with Baku’s rich and poor life.


A hiking tour through Highland park, Martyrs Avenue, Flame Towers, TV tower, Baku’s mountain ridge, natural highest point in the city, Bayil settlement, Flag Square, Boulevard and Azneft square.

Duration of the tour is about 4 hours.


Start Point: Icheri-sheher Metro, in front of. (Please, refer to the google map)

Start Time: 16:00

End Point: Azneft Square

End Time: 20:00


  • Tour does not operate in rainy and windy weather conditions,
  • This tour is not recommended for elderly people and children,
  • At least 2 people required to run the tour


35azn/per person


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