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Easternmost Tip of Absheron Peninsula

Set Foot on Easternmost Frontier of Azerbaijan

As Lökbatan Mud Volcano, the Absheron National Park is a natural monument dedicated to the Absheron peninsula. Besides, the fact it locates at the horn of the Absheron peninsula, it draws thrilling attention of a person like me.

Anthropogenic activities have changed the landscape and natural environment dramatically. The inherent rare flora and fauna have been preserved in natural aesthetics at the park.


There is no better representation than the park that you can see how Absheron and Baku suburb was like centuries ago. As much ordinary it seem, this natural environment would weigh in to shape people’s modus operandi based resources available at the habitat. However limited this influence be, it’d would gain cultural significance.


onshore-and-off-shore in absheron park

The narrow land form that goes into the sea is called “Shah Dili” (Spit of the King). It is the farthest land part of Azerbaijan in the east that you put the foot on the ground. Perhaps, this is the only reason you might want to go there.

The park is also notoriously known for endemic flora and fauna in Azerbaijan. The Caspian seal, Phoca Caspica, to be the most famous one of them. However, you may not see any of those flora and fauna if you visit it in a random season, month or day. You must have a level of awareness about wild nature in order to see them. Of course you can always treat the employees of the park to give you a guide.


Otherwise, it is a long-long walk from one end to another under the sun like hell fire. It leaves you tête–à–tête with your self to contemplate on a lot of things that you are concerned. Meanwhile, you get severe sunburn until you realize pain and tingling in your skin. Therefore, wearing sunscreen is advised.

It is worthy to note that entry to the park is 2AZN to both local and foreign visitors. You can also buy the ticket online, too. With this pricing policy, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources deserves our respect.

The park locates in about 70km in distance from Baku. It is roughly 1 hour drive. As there are no shuttle buses to the park, you must hire a taxi, which might cost you as much as 50AZN. The park is open 9am to 6pm all-year-round

For further details check the web page of the park:



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