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Albanian Church Tour


Gedabey is one of the underrated cities of Azerbaijan. However, Gedabey has rich social, cultural and historical heritage, such as presumably pre-Christian living settlements, Christianity of Caucasian Albania, to explore. This heritage belongs to so-called ‘Khojaly-Gedabey-Culture.’ Taking into consideration ‘Khojaly-Gedabey Culture’ is under Armenian occupation, Gedabey is a valuable place to discover those cultural monuments. Additionally, landscape of Gedabey is mountainous, which is an excellent opportunity to escape modernity of cities. In other words, while exploring cultural heritage, you will be able to enjoy nature, nature you may experience all kinds of weather conditions in a single day.


A hiking tour through Arikhdam and Soyudlu villages and along tributary to the Shamkir river – the largest and biggest Tailings Dam (The Gedabey Gold/Copper Mine), Cyclopean hill in Soyudlu, Maiden Tower (Qız Qalası – Namərqala), the Mahrasa Temple (An Albanian Church).

Our tour guide walks you through entire tour route. The tour takes place all day. It travels through mountain ridges, in some section from cliffs and towards the Maiden Tower you walk the highland down to river bed.


  • Bus tickets
  • One night stay in Gedabey Hotel
  • Breakfast in morning and lunch in evening


Date of tour is agreed upon when you reserve it.

Start Point: Gedabey City

End Point: Gedabey City

Duration: All day



  • Confirmation will be received 12 hours after booking
  • Tour is offered in English and Azerbaijani
  • Operates in spring, summer and early autumn


  • 1 person: $100
  • 2 people: $55/per person
  • 3-5 people: $50/per person
  • 6-8 people: $40/per person
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