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3-Day All-Inclusive Remote Villages Tour of Guba


Day 1:

Early morning drive to the north of Azerbaijan, in Guba sightseeing in Jewish Town/Red Town and bird-eye view of Jewish Town, and mosques of Shiite (Sakina Khanum Mosque, XIX cent) and Sunni (Juma mosque, XIX cent) communities of the town, then visit Guba Genocide Memorial Complex. After the lunch break, drive to Khinalug (stop at several spots on the way to Khinalug in 2350m altitude). Dinner in Khinalug with a local family. Overnight stay in Khinalug.

Day 2:

Breakfast. Hiking to Galaykhudat Village. Lunch break in the village. Afterwards continue hiking to Giriz Village, on the way stop at Gurgur waterfall. Then hiking to Giriz. In the village visit our host family for dinner. Overnight stay in the Village.

Day 3:

Breakfast. Hiking to Girizdahne village. Get taxis to drive back to Guba and drive back to Baku.


  • Explore endangered peoples’ life style
  • Enjoy mountain scenery on 2-day 25km trekking
  • Soak up atmosphere in remote desolate villages
  • Trekking 4 ancient villages: Khinalug-Galaykhudat-Giriz-Girizdahene
  • 2-night home-stay with local host families
  • Learn about languages and cultures of mountainous people
  • Local breakfast, lunch and dinner with host families

What You Can Expect:
Discover Azerbaijan’s countryside on a 3-day 2-night tour to remotes villages meanwhile trekking through changing landscape, nature and wildlife above the sea level up to 2360m altitude. You experience the coexistence of communities, though in separate settlements, Shiites, Sunnis and Jews in Guba, and ancient peoples of Khinaligis, Girizis in remote villages. You also do home-stay with host families in the villages we travel to. Meanwhile, you will taste the local cuisine of people.

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See some images from our trip to the Mountains

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Siemens Built Railway Hiking Trip

Gedabey has been a centre of gold/copper mining since early ages. Mining operations were poorly-organized lacking technology and financial resources prior to the Siemens Brothers took control of the mine in 1865. The Siemens Bothers, Werner, Carl, Otto and Walter have involved in complex industrial operations in Gedabey during 1865-1920. Their activities also included turning Gedabey in European-looking small town that you may still explore the German heritage of that period in today’s Gedabey, too. The Siemens Brothers’ expertise and know-how has made Gedabey to be coined with the first railway and hydroelectric power plant of its kind in Caucasus at that time. This hiking reflects history, nature and local food in Gedabey.

– Explore one of the remote regions of Azerbaijan
– Hear about forgotten German heritage in Gedebey
– Trace forgotten story of railway built by Siemens for mining
– Hike through villages with background of potato fields and beautiful mountain scenery in Lesser Caucasus Mountain Range
– Led by a local guide
– Taste Gedabey’s famous potatoes and kebabs

A hiking tour travels through Qalakent, Miskinli, Sabatkechmaz, Chalburun, Duzyurd and Gedabey city. It is about 20 km. The tour will first start exploring Koroghlu Castle at the edge of Miskinli village. Then the tour continues through the exact route of the narrow-gauge line (railway route) that the Siemens Brothers built during 1879-1883. On the route you will eyewitness more than twenty five (25) arch-bridges (viaducts) of different scale, the largest bridges having 9 arches. The tour will end with visiting the Siemens Exhibition at Gedabey Culture House and then walking through streets where Siemens’ copper smeltery and various administrative and cultural buildings located.


Minimum number of people is 5.

PRICE for GROUP of 5 ppl is 925 AZN

For detailed itinerary, email us at

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