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Gedabey is one of the remote districts of Azerbaijan which is located as high as from 1000 to 3500 meters and as far away as (444km from the capital Baku) to the west bordering with Armenia. There is only one road connecting Gedabey to the major socio-economic and political centres of which the closest is Ganja in about 90km distance.

In the past, Germans turned mine industry in Gedabey (the first mine activity in Azerbaijan as well) a lucrative and flourishing business. Nonetheless, in the Soviet period, Russians reversed the situation many years back to as most of German built infrastructures left to be destroyed and no any serious mine related activity carried out. As of by 2012, the mine is being run by an international team, Anglo-Asian Mining PLC.

Gedabey was also a home for religious groups of Russia to be sent in exile in tsarist Russia. The most well-known of them was Molokans deported to Gedabey. Russian influences remained locally inside the frontiers of villages which either they’ve settled in old or built new one. Among them were Slavyanka, Novoivanovka and Novosaratovka.

Gedabey is one of the rare places to observe harmony of ages in a meeting gathered around a hill. The small castles of the Bronze age are still hosting Cyclopean walls and structures. Pre-Christian cemeteries and Christian traditions of Caucasian Albanians and middle age castles are exposed intact as a natural open air museum in Gedabey.

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