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Gobustan and Mud Volcano Tour



Our first stop is Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape Reserve to see museum of prehistoric rock carvings. The museum locates on Boyukdash (Böyükdaş – trans. Greater Mountain) Mountain with areal view towards the Caspian Sea. It significantly allows you to get acquainted with life-style and activities of people from late Ice Age. The next stop is mud volcanoes which locate in close vicinity of Gobustan. Mud Volcanoes is one of the strangest experiences that you can have. This natural phenomenon called mud eruptions continuously causes mesmerizing explosions and underground rumbling over a long period of time. Our third stop is newly built Bibi Heybat Mosque which is an historic mosque constructed in XIII century but demolished in 1936 by Soviet regime.


Gobustan Museum of PetroglyphsisGobustan Mud volcanoes in Dashgil and Bibi Heybat Mosque are the attractions to visit.


Overall duration of the tour is about 5 and half hours. It starts at 9 AM.



  • Hotel Pick up and drop off
  • Transport service (7-seater Van or 4-seater Sedan)
  • Private sightseeing program with a local guide
  • Local guide fee
  • Entrance tickets to sights as per itinerary



  • 1 person: 160 azn
  • 2 people: 85 azn/per person
  • 3 people: 75 azn/per person
  • 4 people: 65 azn/per person
  • 5-6 people: 60 azn/per person


  • Gobustan Mud Volcanoes are inaccessible in a rainy day.
  • At least two people required to run the tour
  • Subject to availability


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