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Gani is an excellent guide & his pace of the tour is something you’ll enjoy. You’ll get to appreciate the history of the attraction more than just looking at it as something old. He’s also knowledgeable and accommodating when it comes to unrelated questions about the tour (but still about the Azerbaijan.) Be sure not to miss it when you’re in Baku!!

Eliza, UAE

We walk around city center and he is very good tour guide, very intelligent and smart person. I advice all of them

Seyid Kenan, Azerbaijan

It’s really important to have the benefit of local knowledge about the political, historical and cultural context in which a city like Baku developed. Gani provides all this and tops it all off with some tea at the cosy cafe Coffee Moffie.

Paul, Qatar

Really committed to showing us the highlights of Baku despite the cold conditions. Really interesting and a very nice cup of tea Baku-style at the cozy Coffee Moffee afterwards. Also full of tips for cool places to eat and drink in the city 🙂

Sarah, UK

This tour is a perfect possibility to see interesting sometimes hidden places of an incredible multifaceted city and to learn cool stories about its people and life. I was happy to join this tour and enjoy Gani’s guidance, open-mindness and passion about the city. Highly recommended!

Anne, Russia

It was a great experience having a tour with Ganni. He is really passionate and knowledgeable about Baku and its history. He walked us through the old town and told many stories from XIX century to nowadays about the buildings and places along the way. I can definitely recommend it.

Serge, Russia

From the moment we contacted Azerbaijan Traveller they went above and beyond. The free walking tour we wanted to book was full and yet Gani (the host) offered to give our group of 5 a tour at any time in the evening that suited us. When we later learned that there was no left-luggage at the Baku Airport, he also suggested that we could leave our luggage at his coffee shop for the day – genuine hospitality and eager to please.
The tour itself was exceptional. Gani asked how long we wanted it to be and perfectly suited it to our requests. He was lively, incredibly informative and very happy to speak frankly and answer any questions we had. We’ve done free walking tours in about 10 cities and this was easily in our top 2.
Wish Gani and the entire Coffee Moffee crew the best of luck and would recommend them to anyone passing through Baku.

Josh, USA

The tour is excellent. Good route and many interesting infomations! Guided by the talented Ganni, he is really kind and got a nice sense of humour. I can just recommend to everyone to join this tour. Dont forget to tip!

Sebastian, Germany

Though I am local and have some information about Baku, this small walking was very interesting for me to get more about my country`s history, Baku. I wanna thank to Qani for this great tour. I am sure all will enjoy who have tour with you. Thank you very much!

Zavvar, Azerbaijan

You got to tour Baku with Gani, too.

Jale, Azerbaijan

I took a great walk around Baku with Gani. I’ve already walked many times in the streets of Baku, but I never felt it so enchanting and captivating spell of Baku.
Gani is such a friendly and helpful guide that he even extended the tour to the History Museum as it was open doors day at the museum. So i had little bit extra enjoyment that day.

Tehmine, Azerbaijan

Beautiful city! The tour guide – Gani, speaks perfect english and knows the answer to any questions about the city’s and country’s history. The tour was very interesting and useful. I’d love to visit Baku again.

Eugene, UK/Moldova

I would just like to confirm what others have said about the free walking tour with Azerbaijan Traveller. We enjoyed the company of Gani on New Year’s Eve for around three hours in Baku, soaking up plenty of history and visiting many sites, all the while being fed with lots of background information to this fascinating city. I thoroughly recommend this experience.

Ben, UK

So, Ganni is a very smart, informative and kind person, who showed us around the city and taught us many interesting things about city of Baku and it’s oil barrons.
After the tour we were invited for a free cup of tea which was amazing 🙂
And last but not the least, he helped us with a really important issue which was not related to the walking tour itself, so we both thank you Ganni really much!! 🙂
Ervin and Peli, your first Croatians 😀

Ervin and Peli, Crotia

Not just looking, but SEEing around our beloved Baku with Gani. Thanks a lot for this wonderful and interesting tour and your enthusiasm Gani.
You can always feel when someone does his job with love and passion.
All the best to each azerbaijantraveller.

Gulshan, Azerbaijan

He is helpful, knowledgeable and most of all: fun to be around! He provides great tours – very interesting and full of passion for what he is doing. Its my third time to Baku and I have still learned so much. Thank you very much – çox sağ ol!

Patrick, Germany

We join Baku walking free tour, our guide was Gani Nasirov and he’s so professional! We visited so many unique places, which I’m sure we wouldn’t find ourselves! A lot of thanks Azerbaijan Traveller and especially Gani Nasirov! We recomend this tour to tourists who wants to know more about Baku history and find many surprises in the Baku streets.

Anastacia, Russia

Our guide, Gani, gave us excellent free walking tour about our city. He is an energetic guy and has a sense of humour and wide knowledge of Baku. Well recommended! .

Beyrak, Azerbaijan

Well done Gani-I thoroughly enjoyed this interesting and informative tour old local baku. well recommended!

Karim, UK

We did the Baku Freetour. It was very interesting because Gani did not only show us his city but also explained us how Azerbaijan “thinks”. Book in advance, because he is not there every day.

Macoona, Switzerland

This gives good idea of Baku and Azerbaijan history and culture. Also if possible to have similar tour from any other important part of the city to cover other things and place. We enjoyed the tour and guide Mr Gani was very nice and good English speaking

Vijay, India

A very informative & detailed tour about Azerbaijan, you shouldn’t be missed.

Hasnizawati, Malaysia

Highly recommended even for azerbajani! With the smart,friendly guide Gani interesting and educational tour is guaranteed.He covers not only typical tourist attractions but as well as less known places with the plenty of fascinating stories. Mega informative Baku Walking Free Tour is the best way to explore ancient city!

Fazila, Azerbaijan

Thx a lot to Gani I really enjoyed the excursion. We saw the most interesting places around Old city and even more. I’ve got a lot of new information on history of Azerbaijan during a comfortable relaxed walking.

Julie, Russia

Thanks for a great tour Gani! I have been to many walkingtours before and I must say that this was one of the most interesting! I enjoyed it a lot and got some real insights in both history and the everyday life of Azerbaijan. Thanks! I hope we meet again some time! 🙂

Daniel, Sweden

I was welcomed warmly. The tour was organized well, very informative. The tour guide is very educated and open minded and shows you features of the city you won’t recognize on your own.

Hameed, Iran

“I can’t stress enough how great this tour was to me. I really do not know where to start and how to express all my feelings about this great tour by some sentences. Our guide Gani built the trip with a great balance of scheduled touring and just enough time to enjoy the fantastic locations, historical buildings and important history of them, and lodges on our own. The personal attention and incredible responsiveness I got from our guide made the experience extraordinary. Nothing phased him and he seemed absolutely happy to help. He covered each little detail,he was professional, knowledgeable, courteous, attentive, patient and considerate to all of us. It made the trip real and incredibly exciting, not to mention that it would have taken me at least years to forget these moments and of course, the places and histories of them. The richness and depth of so many remarkable experiences resulted in an exciting and highly enjoyable trip.
While all my experiences and information in Baku were enough (or I had been thinking in that way), I did not have great expectations for these historical places and sightseeings of Baku. However, once there, I found Baku’s spectacular beauty, many wonderful walks and fascinating creation legends, made that location a highlight. (Unfortunately, I was not aware of them before).
Although, I am a citizen of this country, I had never traveled this way before in my city. Walking around these historical places every day, I had never paid attention to any of them so deeply, even to the histories behind them. During two hours, I got so many information, and to be honest, it made me feel embarrassed: How is it possible during these years, I was not aware of them ? Together with teaching me important and interesting information about historical places, tour also taught me how to be attentive and curious about all places where I go through. Now, I am much more attentive to the buildings around me and try to find out the history behind them. In other words, I got new habit 🙂
I learned so much and it gave me a feeling of having a “friend” showing us his home. At the end of the day, I would reflect on all that I learned from the guide that I would never have known to even look for them.
I wish that this company to plan itineraries for other destinations because I would really use them every time! Gani’s itinerary and instructions took all the stress out of my time in Baku, especially in supper sunny weather. Everything was timed down to the last detail!
This Baku Walking tour and company of Azerbaijan Traveler, and especially our guide Gani Nasirov truly were a blessing to all of us and I would use them and recommend them over and over again with no hesitation.

Thank you to our guide for making my trip one of the most memorable trips of my life and I hope to see you again!”

Nazrin, Azerbaijan

“Did the Baku City tour with Gani, he’s a very knowledgeable and professional guide. He also offered to plan more tours; wish I had more time to get out of the city and see village side…Gani also spent time with me on my arrival day explaining various places that I can visit and how.. he’s very passionate about his country and his work and this is what made it more enjoyable…I definitely recommend Azerbaijan traveler to anyone thinking of visiting and especially if you’re into different kinds of tours that most of other tourists won’t know about.”

Wessam, UAE

“We enjoyed our tour with “Azerbaijan Traveller”. Walking in Baku and getting to know interesting facts about the local architecture, city’s history and the people who helped to built it we were amazed. Our guide was so friendly he shared with us his experience of living in the city, his views on local customs and traditions. He took his time to show us even more than was planned so for that we’re grateful.”

Nuriya, Kazakhstan

“The guide is really helpful and the tour was very interesting with comprehensive explanations. Highly recommended.”

David, Spain

“Bir ekskursiyada oldum. Bəyəndim. Ümumilikdə isə Bakının bəzi yerlərinə gedib, o yerlər barədə yazmağınız təqdirəlayiqdir.”

Trans. I took part in a tour. I liked it. In general, it is praiseworthy that you visit around Baku and then write about them.

Rauf, Azerbaijan

“Great initiative! Did the walking tour with Gani. He knows Baku really well and explained everything with great interest and patience. Also suggested other off-beat places to visit in Azerbaijan. If you are looking for a memorable experience in and around Baku, I strongly recommend Azerbaijan Traveller. (Bonus – Good chance to make some English speaking friends)”

Nikita, India

“Enjoyed Baku Tour. What makes it different, the guide is alive and passionate. He is, definitely, not one of those robot-like-guides used to repeat one and same things forever and lost sense of things they talk about.”

Ariz, Azerbaijan

“I first learnt about Gani’s Azerbaijan Traveller project when he posted his Baku Walking Tour event on Couchsurfing. I made contact with him and then signed up for his free Baku Walking Tour, as well as the Siemens Brothers Hiking Tour. You can find out more about these tours and others on the website, which also has some good articles by Gani about travelling in Azerbaijan.

Gani’s free Baku Walking Tour is a must-do for any visitor to Baku who wants to get a quick understanding of Baku’s history, especially in the period from the late 19th century to early 20th century. Virtually all the sights covered on this tour lie outside the Inner City (İçərişəhər), so you don’t have to worry about the tour overlapping with your own wanderings within the Inner City. The incorporation of the “Ali and Nino” story into the tour was a nice touch too; I finished the book after the tour and the story-line was just so much more vivid as I could visualise the places mentioned in the book after the tour.

The two days I spent with Gani in Gedabey for the Siemens Brothers Hiking Tour was also excellent. On the first day, after a half day bus ride from Baku to Gedabey, we spent the evening walking around Gedabey city and checking out the buildings (or at least what is left of them) that date back to the time of the German settlers in Gedabey. On the second day, we took a taxi to Galakent and then climbed up to Koroğlu Fortress where we enjoyed panoramic views of the surroundings. After climbing down, we spent the rest of the day retracing the route of the now-gone Siemens-built railway track between the refining plant in Galakent and the mine in Gedabey (we walked in the opposite direction from which the ores used to move). The landscapes this route passes through was nice and varied: starting from the muddy well-trodden tracks in the villages, the path then gradually starts to cut through meadows and hills. Overall, the scene was pastoral, and good vistas of the villages and surrounding mountains and hills are aplenty especially from the second half of the trail. Take a look at some of my photos below to get a sense of the landscape. Finally, the many bridges that we crossed (both big and small, standing and collapsed) were interesting too; some of them were so well-hidden that if not for Gani pointing them out to me, I might have just walked across it without noticing!

On the whole, Gani was a great travel companion. He is very knowledgeable about Azerbaijan—a product of his own efforts and explorations to uncover offbeat places and stories about his country. I must say that it was my privilege to meet him for part of my trip in Azerbaijan. Çox sağol!

Eugene, Singapore.

“An exellent Tour with our guide Gani.. I highly recommend taking this tour which covers the unknow history of Azerbaijan / Baku Totally enjoyed it!!”

Jamal, The Netherlands

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