Local Restaurants & Budget Cafes in Downtown Baku

Firuze Restaurant is one of the most expensive and touristy place at Fountain Square. However it is the best in terms of local authentic Azerbaijani cuisine. It is worthy to give yourself a treat once during your visit by ordering pilaf (rice), king of all foods…

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Six Common Myths About Azerbaijan

Aiming to put an end to foreign visitors’ misconceptions, here we list 6 most common myths about Azerbaijan. “Wow, that is incredible.” You say, perhaps you don’t when you are told that more than the half of the World’s mud volcanoes are in…

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6 Best Döner Joints in Baku

Here we list 6 mostly visited and acclaimed döner joints in the city centre of Baku. The story goes that youngster drivers waited to have streets fully empty until early morning to go drive crazy.  They would treat themselves at this centrally located small…

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